“Pop some tags with only 20 Dollars in my pockets” – Macklemore

So I was looking to get some new things this weekend and I just ended up bored by the lack of diversity in stores. I was put off by the uniform-like sense of fashion choices they carry. A few pieces caught my eye, but as it turned out they would cost me an arm. Then it dawned on me; I could try out thrifting so I went in Zurich. ” Going to Pop some tags with only 20 Dollars in my pocket” in Macklemore’s very own words and that was exactly what I planned to do.

First stop was a little second hand store which was nothing like I expected. It had very few items and seemed a bit over priced for a second hand shop. Nonetheless I managed to pick up a few items namely a few shirts and a hat. I’m in love with the hat can’t wait to accessorize an outfit with it.

Not far from there we came across a second shop, and I got a blazer, an awesome one at that. I was quite satisfied with all my finds.

While it is true that thrifting is not a a walk in the park and may be challenging mainly due to the fact that finding exact measurements can be difficult. That’s why most thrifters end up having to get their clothes altered. I suggest you look at this as an opportunity to put your own personal touch on it and make your very own creation, if you are up for the challenge.

That said, I urge my readers to try it out. I’m definitely going to continue thrifting. I’ll probably look for bigger thrift stores.

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