Saturday night out.

Waking up this morning feeling drowsy reminded me that my friend was completely drunk last night. She kept buying drinks for herself… as a good friend I kept drinking it so it would go down faster. I stopped drinking alcohols since a while now but occasionally, I have a glass of wine, beer.. Well it was a little more than just that last night. How good of a friend am I, seriously?! Lol

My outfit yesterday was all about the weather, black! I usually don’t wear all black because If not sorted properly it could look like you’re going for a funeral… So yesterday I gave myself the challenge to rock, all black.IMG_1225.JPG
Short front long back t-shirt: H&M
Black pants: H&M
Shoes and ragged priest blazer: thrifted.
Make-up: Powder and lipstick by Mac.

I really liked this look, easy going.


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