Looking hot, when you’re freezing cold can be a challenge.

In winter, most people focus more on warmth than actual style when dressing up. It’s easier to buy a black or brown coat because they are universal colors and are compatible with most outfits.

As you may know sometimes a bit of color lifts the mood. Looking hot, when you’re freezing cold can be a challenge. However here are some few tips I use in winter that definitely work for me.

  • While some coats are pretty, they might not be warm enough, therefore I would advise you to take advantage of layering. Layering is also an easy way to keep warm and stay stylish. My tip to you is to start with the longest garments first and then pile on the shorter shirts accordingly.
  • Sometimes it’s important to pay attention to what’s trending in mens fashion, for instance zipped slitted side on men’s wear was very popular this winter. A lot of stores seem to carry a lot of items with this detail. I definitely would wear that for layering.
  • Accessories are also a way to spice up your winter look. For example scarves are an easy way to add a pop of color to your winter. Oh and for chunky scarf lovers an idea would be to go to a fabric store and pick up some of your favourite material and transform it into a scarf.
  • Even something as small as lipstick can play a major role in creating a go to winter look for you. My personal favourite is the amplified pink by MAC. It’s not a typical winter color but it works for me, it’s a staple. Don’t forget the nail polish either.

Dare colors, even in winter!

Here are some of my favourite winter outfits I found all over the internet:


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