London Fashion Week 2015

I just moved to London and already overwhelmed with all this great events. It’s the end of London Fashion Week you guys. I didn’t go for any shows this year, instead I went to take pictures as a street style photographer. It was amazing. I met so many great personalities, they were so inspiring.

I took most of my pictures without people being aware. I like the relaxed look.

I heard there were some celebrities there as well. But I didn’t see any that I knew at the time, until a friend told me I had a picture of Susie Bubble, who is one of the most successful blogger in the world. The funniest part is I actually talked to this person that day, she forgot her cap on a bench and I brought it back to her. If I had known, I would have made her my bestie. Haha

So, if I have any other celebrity in my pictures please let me know.

Enjoy, and get inspired.


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  1. kelseyjanne says:

    Wish I was at London fashion week! Btw I enjoy viewing your posts 🙂

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    1. Life as Ji says:

      You would have really enjoyed it. Dont worry you can still go in February.:) Thank you for leaving such a nice comment. Checked out your blog, keep it up, it’s really a good! 🙂 xX


  2. Look at all these people, they’re infinitely more stylish than I’ll ever be!

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