Serena Williams

Ever since I watched Serena Williams win her 22nd grand slam in Wimbledon in June, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I wanted to post this article earlier but ended up leaving it for too long. Seeing her in Beyonce’s video “SORRY”, just reminded me of how amazing she is.

This summer Serena tied up with the best tennis player in history this summer which made her the best female tennis player alive.

Seeing a strong black woman excel like that, when all that’s on TV are fights, protests and shouts of black people, crying out “Black Lives Matter”. Dramatic stories about police officers being violent towards black people etc.

Her story, her energy and her determination inspires me so much. I watched a few documentaries about her, talking about her childhood, about how focused her sister and her were, how much racism she faced as a teenager when she really started to change the world of tennis and people couldn’t understand where this black exellence came from. She was booed whenever she got into the court, called names due to her strong body structure and the colour of her skin but guess what, Serena never quit, she kept going and now she is the best in the world.

People like her do not get things given to them on a silver platter, they work hard for it and they get results. This is the mentality we should have in every aspect of our lives. The more difficult the journey, the more beautiful we’ll find the destination.

I actually didn’t like tennis before, seeing her play, giving her heart out like that made me enjoy the sport so much, that I’m even considering starting tennis. Jokes, I don’t think I’ll be good at it but I really would love to try. I am still seriously looking for a sport I could start though, I think athletics is something I could see myself doing. Maybe I’ll even develop a bit of muscle, like Serena. Ha, who knows right?!

serana-wiliam1untitled-7(Not taking credit for the pictures)

Can’t wait to see her next games in January at the Australian Open.


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  1. carmy250 says:

    Bonjour Joy comment ça va?

    C. Cavaleri


    1. Life as Ji says:

      Oh M. Cavaleri ça va top et vous alors? Ça fait plaisir d’avoir de vos nouvelles!


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