I love my oversized style guys, this trend along with layering has been in since a couple of years now. I made a blog post about it called “Looking hot when it’s freezing cold”, go check it out.

At a certain point I got a little bit tired of that trend and needed a change. But then designers pushed the look further, making the oversized even more out of scale

Burberry, Balenziaga, Siblings, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Yohji Yamamoto and so many other designers.

The general length and details of garments such as the collars, sleeves and shapes got much bigger and looser. If you’re not used to the oversized look, it might scare you a little but it’s amazing. It keeps you warm, it’s cosy, looks good and if you get it right it just looks really ‘dope’.


So many people in London wear the Oversized style. Unfortunately I think it’s not for everyone, especially if you’ve not found your style with it yet.

Check out my YouTube Channel where I am going to have a discussion about this topic more in depth, tricks to how to style oversized outfits and also the secret of layering.

My YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs6zd1Bk62gboUeBrrtzqBQ

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