Black Friday COUNT DOWN

As I wrote on my last post, Black Friday is around the corner, it’s on Friday 25th of November. Some stores already started giving discounts, special offers and sales for 24h since last week.

Today I’m going to give you a few tips to get ready for the intensive shopping day. I’ve always been caught last minute, not knowing what to buy on the day and ending up getting something completely useless.

So here are few things to get us organised and ready for Friday.

  1. Making a shopping list is important, it will prevent us from buying unnecessary things. Also, you want to make sure the things you are aiming for are worth it. Black Friday is the opportunity to get the really expensive things you’ve always wanted and your essentials like:
    • TV, Phones, Laptop…
    • Your favourite Designer
    • Outerwear, good shoes
    • Christmas gifts
    • etc…
  2. Shopping in store on Black Friday can be very challenging and even dangerous depending on your location, so wear appropriate war gear.  A tip would be to reserve the items at the till a day before if you can. In some places, you can keep an item on hold for about 24-48h. So that on the day you can literally walk in and ask for them without having to run around the store. Running around on Black Friday honestly scares me. People are wild and have no mercy. Good Luck.
  3. Shopping online on Black Friday is an alternative, whenever I see something I want to buy in an online store, I put it straight into my basket, this is another great way to save time. When the time comes, I’ll literally just log in and buy the items. Another tip is subscribing to your favourite online stores in advance, you might even get VIP discounts on top of Black Friday reductions.
  4. For those who are not shopping on Friday, don’t lose hope there is always Boxing day to catch up.

Alright, so I think we’re ready to do this. Good luck you guys. Here are some pictures to show you how wild Black Friday can be.

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Pictures found on various news websites.



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