I love my oversized style guys, this trend along with layering has been in since a couple of years now. I made a blog post about it called “Looking hot when it’s freezing cold”, go check it out. At a certain point I got a little bit tired of that trend and needed a change….

Looking hot, when you’re freezing cold can be a challenge.

In winter, most people focus more on warmth than actual style when dressing up. It’s easier to buy a black or brown coat because they are universal colors and are compatible with most outfits. As you may know sometimes a bit of color lifts the mood. Looking hot, when you’re freezing cold can be a challenge….

Your clothes are just accessories, your confidence does the rest.

To be “stylish” is to be free, to be able to express and reflect your personality through your outfits. Everybody has their own way of expression, meaning their own  way of pairing clothes together. Many people think following rules and “trends” are enough to be considered stylish, of course you can get inspiration from trends,…

Yellow, my new favourite color.

I love colors you guys! I’ve been wearing very colorful things this last weeks and i’ve been loving it. There was a time putting on flashy colors used to scare me, I didn’t know how I could pair things up and not look like one of those cartoon characters lol. Mixing up colors can be a…