Yellow, my new favourite color.

I love colors you guys! I’ve been wearing very colorful things this last weeks and i’ve been loving it.

There was a time putting on flashy colors used to scare me, I didn’t know how I could pair things up and not look like one of those cartoon characters lol. Mixing up colors can be a scary thing at times. But when you do it is so much fun.

Here are just a few rules that helps me avoid the fashion “faux pas”.

  • Not more than 3 colors at once, black or white could be a transaction color.
  • Find a print and break it down into its different colors; then make an outfit.
  • Try ombré, different shades of the same color or similar colors almost always look good together.
  • Check out the color wheel and understand how the complimentary colors work.

As soon as you get the “thing” that works for you, it will become a simple game, trust me.


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